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How to Add page numbers to PDF


Select and upload your PDF file. Wait till the file uploaded.

Add page numbers to PDF

Once the file is uploaded, you can add page numbers to PDF with provide options, such as font size, color, position etc,click the Start button to start processing.


After the operation, click the download button or scan the QR code with your phone to download the files.


Page Numbers for PDF

Adding page numbers to a PDF document serves several important purposes:

  • Navigation: Page numbers provide a convenient way for readers to navigate through the document. They allow users to quickly jump to specific pages or sections, especially in lengthy documents. It enhances the overall usability and ease of navigation.
  • Reference: Page numbers are essential for referencing specific information within a document. When citing or cross-referencing content, page numbers help readers locate the exact page where the referenced information can be found. This is particularly useful in academic papers, reports, and legal documents.
  • Organization: Page numbers contribute to the organization and structure of a document. They provide a clear indication of the document's layout and sequence, helping readers understand the document's flow and follow the intended order of sections or chapters.
  • Printing and Hard Copies: When printing a PDF or creating hard copies of the document, page numbers are crucial for maintaining the document's integrity. They ensure that the printed version retains the same structure and order as the digital version, making it easier to reference specific pages in physical copies.
  • Document Identification: Page numbers can serve as a unique identifier for each page in a document. They help differentiate pages and provide a reference point for discussions or annotations related to specific pages.

In summary, adding page numbers to a PDF document improves navigation, facilitates referencing, enhances organization, adds professionalism, ensures consistency in printed copies, and aids in document identification. It is a widely accepted practice that enhances the usability, readability, and overall quality of the document.

Paramters and Options

The following parameters and options are available for adding page numbers to PDF:

Type: We offer multiple page number styles, choose the one that best suits your needs.


  • Font: Set the Font of the page numbers, it works with most of the characters. We also support CJK characters, but the font may display differently. We also provide other options such as Font Size, Font Color, and Opacity.
  • Rotation: Set the Text rotation of the page numbers.
  • Page Range: Set the page range that will be displayed in the page numbers.
  • Draw Position: Set the drawing position of the page numbers.
  • Offset: Depends on the drawing position or the Font size, you may need to use this option to adjust the final position of the Text.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add page numers to multiple PDF files?
No. PDFWind does not support adding page numers to multiple PDF files at the same time. You can add them separately. But we will do it in the future.
Can I use this tool for Free?
Yes! PDFWind is a free online tool for you to convert, edit PDF files.
Do I need an account?
No. PDFWind is a free online tool. You can use it without an account.
Is installation required?
No! PDFWind is web application. You can run PDFWind on browser, but we are developing a desktop version.
Is safe to use this tool for senstive data?
We take data security and user privacy seriously. Our conversion process is secure, and we do not store any uploaded or converted files after the process is complete.
How long does it take to process a document?
It depends on the size of the document and other factors. We are always upgrading our processing server to make it faster.

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